Monday, January 8, 2007

Five things I love most in Windows

Yay kids! It's soapbox time!

1. I love it when I'm surfing multiple pages online and I start to read or type into one website and the other one says "Oh! Hey! I'm loaded!" and proceeds to place itself in front of what I am doing. Popups my nerdy arse, Internet Explorer is a popup!

2. I love it when I type a username into a given application or site and start to type the password and then halfway into the password Windows decides to place the cursor back in the username field as I complete the PW. Yeah...THANKS FOR THAT !! Now my password is known to anyone hovering over my shoulder like that guy in your office, yeah him or them, you know who they are...

3. On the topic of games, I love how these keyboards have the nice little handy-dandy Windows key on them. It is so useful .... FOR KICKING ME TO WINDOWS IN THE MIDDLE OF AN INTENSE BF2142 ROUND when I meant to hit the CTRL key!!

4. Windows: "Eat my updates or DIE!!! Die a horrible death of incessant bubbles and annoying 4th grade popping sounds! HA!"

5. Last but not least (this list could go on and on but I'm tired) is when I am browsing through files and folders and accidently click-drag a folder into a myriad of possible nother other folders in which I have to stop what I was doing and search for the missing folder or file because it would be too easy to code a "Hey noob are you sure you want to move this file?" into the OS. (HINT BLOODY HINT HINT MICROSOFT!!)

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