Thursday, December 7, 2006


Well it has been pretty slow at work lately, I feel I should write about something though. Most of my free time is being spent playing BF2142 and Oblivion (Elder Scrolls). I think the concept of combining FPS with stat and rank tracking is genius, and part of EA's master plan to take over the planet. It's very addicting! As far as Oblivion is concerned, well, you do the math...huge world, fantasy setting, do whatever you want, beautiful graphics, huge world etc etc. Did I mention the scope of that game is ginormous?

Anyway, I am going to join a study group at work to get my MCSE cert. Pretty clever plan actually, out of 4 or 5 people one will grab a couple of chapters and become 'the expert' on that topic and the rest will take their own piece of the pie and we all get together and chat about the important points and look over notes etc. Hope it works out, we shall see...

BTW - If you haven't checked out Ctrl-Alt-Delete's website before, please do yourself and your funny-bone a favor by clicking this link. Trust me, if you are a geek at heart who loves games you will laugh reading this web-comic and enough content to keep you going back for days. I know, I've read them all :-p