Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Volume Shadow Service - Part1

I was reading about VSS (Volume Shadow copy Services) in the 70-290 Microsoft book CH7 lesson 3. Lets say you have an environment with a high number of users modifying data 24/7. You WILL have tickets logged to the helpdesk for restoration purposes. Someone may overwrite or delete a file and need it back rather quickly. Rather than pull tapes from offsite locations which takes precious time, I am looking into utilizing VSS due to it's simplicity and quick file restoration qualities. You can schedule a snapshot of sorts of the shares you specify on a daily basis and if a user deletes a file you can restore the file in minutes within Windows!

I have a test system setup here in my office running a .local domain. This is enabled at the %systemroot% properties under Volume Shadow. Currently I have created the test shares and am creating files and folders for this practice...