Friday, November 17, 2006

My Take on Battlefield 2142

Per request i'm gonna post something a little different today, but it's my dang blog and I'll post what I want dangit. First let me say that I love games, PC games for that matter, specifically shoot-em-ups ever since I got my grubby mitts on a shareware copy of Doom back in the old days. More recently in the MMO genre I got started with WWII-Online. Lovely gameplay but me being the graphics geek I am got hold of a copy of Battlefield 1942 soon as it came out and loved it. Oh and that silly little game that didn't make any money called World of Warcraft.... I could ramble on and on about those games but onto the meat of the post.

Got a chance to play the demo of BF2142 the other day and being the Battletech/Mechwarrior geek that I am when I jumped in a game ready to put some holes in anything red on my radar, something caught my eye. A 'Mech' as I call it was sitting there at my spawn base all shiny and inviting and sexy looking. So since I have played any given Mechwarrior game dozens of times I figured I was going to simply own folks with this new toy. With a huge ego I crawled up into the giant metal beast and started waddling toward an enemy missile silo. Noticed right away that the feel of the machine wasn't the same as Mechwarrior. Anyway, so I'm stomping across a bridge and this armored car starts slamming me with what looked like Proton Torpedoes from Star Trek and knocks my shields down pretty good. The little punk caught me on a bridge and I couldn't strafe...anyway I made quick work of him. I get to the silo and some infantry puke decides to tickle me with his pea shooter from inside the silo. What a noob. I jump out of the 'Mech' and ran inside and had a good shootout. After I capped the silo I ran back outside only to get pulverized into hambuger by my own fargin walker as my dad (FoG) laughed on.

I definitely had a lot of fun with the game. I had my doubts about it since I prefer old-fashioned tanks and machine gun WWII - Present warfare games but BF2142 really pulled it off. The game mechanics were easy to get used to and didn't require reading a 500 page manual to play. Of course the transition from BF2 to 2142 was seamless if you played the previous titles. I think there is an improvement in power balance from BF2 regarding Jets and copters considering if you knew how to pilot one you rained down hellfire and total destruction with little opposition. In 2142 they toned the air superiority down a notch, you get these pods and other vertical aircraft which can deliver a powerful punch but then again you have a freakin walking 3 story high tank and better anti-aircraft weaponry too...

Now I need to convince my wife of the importance of moving to at least 1GB of RAM from 512MB. This is going to be a challenge. I was walking tall with WoW, Doom3 and Quake4 with the 512 Corsair I have but I am humbled by the latest greatest out there (Battlefield 2 & 2142, Oblivion and the up and coming Quake Wars). Any advice you fellers can give me out there to help with the dilemma I'm in be sure to comment :-)

Have a good one! (BTW - All you Old Farts out there, FoG runs like a girlie-girl when his son jumps in a game!!)

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